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About Our Staff

About Our Staff

Rick Cohen – Owner

Almost 10 years ago, Rick started Home Care Assistance (HCA) of Wisconsin with one goal in mind: to set a higher standard of excellence in home care. From that day forward, he has committed himself to providing the highest quality care to each and every client.

“I have witnessed over and over again, how great care contributes to longer, happier lives for our aging seniors.”

At HCA, great care starts with our amazing team of Client Care Managers who are highly experienced Certified Social Workers. They lead a team of hand-picked caregivers who deliver customized care for each and every client. Each caregiver on staff has gone through a labor intensive hiring and screening process where backgrounds are checked and evaluated by at least 6 staff members. Once hired, they participate in a series of proprietary training sessions and refreshers throughout their career at HCA.

Our proprietary training programs include the Balanced Care Method™, an approach to caring based on the scientifically studied lifestyle that focuses on healthy nutrition, physical and mental exercise and a purposeful and calm lifestyle. HCA also offers advanced dementia care training, cognitive health training and more. We are the only company in Wisconsin that specializes in live-in care, which allows older adults to remain in their home as they age.

HCA strives every day to change the way the world is aging by being the caring company that understands more, listens more, cares better, and responds more quickly to the needs of our clients and their families.



Brenda Marciniak, CSW – Director of Client Care

With almost 25 years of experience in managing care for adults in long-term and rehabilitation facilities, Brenda is truly an expert on aging. She is an invaluable resource for our seniors and their loved ones as they navigate the process of acquiring adequate support and care for their aging senior. With her team of Client Care Managers, Brenda creates customized care plans and manages the ongoing care for each client. If staying at home is not an option, Brenda also provides alternatives to explore – always focusing on the needs of the client.

“The greatest reward in my current position is to be able to help our clients live healthier, longer and as independently as possible in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

When not at Home Care Assistance, Brenda stays involved in the community. She volunteers as a facilitator for an Alzheimer’s association support group where individuals with early stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s come together to listen, learn and share their stories.



Dawn Jacques, CSW – General Manager

In my previous role as Director of Social Services at a local continuing care community, I occasionally worked with Home Care Assistance (HCA). I was impressed with their caregivers and how the company handled their clients. I knew it was a unique organization as Rick, the owner of HCA, was so involved in all aspects of the company.

A few years later, I joined HCA as a Client Care Manager where I leveraged my degree in social work in a more hands-on way. Today, I am General Manager of the Milwaukee office and continue to rely heavily on my social work skills, ensuring we provide the highest quality of care to our clients. My experience helps me focus on attracting and retaining the very best caregivers and staying true to our company mission of Changing the way the world ages, one client and caregiver at a time.

HCA is relentlessly committed to providing the very best care in Wisconsin. I am proud to be a part of a company that puts people before profits. We invest in our caregivers’ development, allocate resources to develop and offer advanced training and celebrate our caregivers’ successes along the way. We invest the time needed to successfully match our clients with the right caregiver – in both skill set and personality. When the match is right, time and time again, I witness the special bond that develops between caregiver and client. It’s life changing for our seniors, their family and our caregivers!



Sarah Vanden Boom, CSW – Director of Business Development

Almost 15 years ago, I started in the health care industry as a Certified Social Worker with the goal of providing a better quality of life for our aging senior population. Today, my position has changed, but my goal remains the same.

In my current position, I focus on building strong relationships with best in class organizations, other senior care providers, and healthcare professionals who share our same passion and commitment to helping seniors age with security, dignity and respect. Our Client Care Managers at Home Care Assistance (HCA) leverage this large network on behalf of our clients to ensure they have the additional support they need – access to other options and services we do not specialize in. It is a win-win for our clients and our professional partners!

HCA is the only company in Wisconsin that specializes in live-in care, which allows older adults to remain in their home as they age. We also offer advanced dementia care, Cognitive Health Training and other services for clients in need.

Our Balanced Care Method™ (BCM), is a proprietary philosophy and approach we use here at HCA. It is based on the scientifically studied lifestyle that focuses on physical and mental exercise, a purposeful and calm lifestyle, and of course, healthy cooking! We incorporate these philosophies into the way we care for our clients. I have a personal passion for cooking (and eating) and providing healthy options for my family. This passion aligns with our HCA philosophy and approach with our clients as we incorporate our specialized BCM into their daily lives. As a cook, I know healthy food can taste GREAT, and I’d be happy to share some of my recipes.

As a social worker, my goal remains to set a higher standard of excellence in senior care. With my CSW background, and now my position in Business Development, I feel at home working for a company that strives every day to be the company that understands more, cares more, listens better and responds more quickly to the needs of our clients. As a part of this amazing HCA team working to Change the way the world ages, I truly believe that I can make a difference…one senior at a time.



HomeCareAssistance-Anna Kulinski – Client Care Manager
Anna Kulinski – Client Care Manager

Anna comes to Home Care Assistance (HCA) with a well-rounded background in healthcare. Anna is passionate about working with seniors and making a difference each day.

With 10 years of experience working with seniors, Anna started her career as a Certified Nursing Assistant where she had first-hand experience executing detailed client care plans. From assisting clients with daily activities to coordinating discharge services, Anna knows the significance of delivering high quality care. Anna went on to receive her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Social Work at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

As HCA’s Client Care Manager, Anna is responsible for conducting client assessments. She also develops client care plans and carefully matches clients with the caregiver that best fits their needs. Anna spends much of her week visiting clients – monitoring their care plan and ensuring overall satisfaction. Anna’s #1 priority – to ensure “Best in Class” service and care are being delivered.

HCA is thrilled to have Anna on board – another stellar employee with the “caring gene.”



Jessica Barnett – Staffing & Scheduling Lead

Jessica leads the scheduling team that is tasked with ensuring the right caregiver is in the right place at the right time. At Home Care Assistance (HCA), our scheduling team goes above and beyond filling a shift – creating a successful match between caregiver and client. Jessica knows the importance of this connection as it can enhance a senior’s quality of life.

Like many of her family members, Jessica was born with the “caring gene.” Her father is a hospital administrator, her mother is a CNA and the rest of her family is made up of social workers, nurses and administrators. Early on she decided to pursue a different path and became a child behavioral specialist and published author. While in school, she took a part-time position at a nursing home and that is where she found her true calling.

Jessica has an innate sense for what it takes to be a GREAT caregiver. In her leadership role at HCA, she offers our caregivers the support and guidance needed to succeed.

“It’s nice to work in a company where the owner is committed to the client as well as the caregivers. Loyalty and respect are big for a caregiver and at HCA you receive both.”



Sydney Cohen – Hiring & Staffing Lead

My mission at Home Care Assistance (HCA) is to find special caregivers and hire them. While some individuals become caregivers for a paycheck, others do it because they are born to care for others. At HCA, I search for caregivers that have what I call the “caring gene.”

As our Hiring and Staffing Lead, I strive to find the most qualified and compassionate caregivers in Wisconsin. During the hiring, evaluation and training process, I spend a lot of time with the caregivers so I can successfully match them with a client. At HCA, our caregiver hiring criteria and evaluation process are vigorous – hiring only 1 in 40 applicants. We’ve learned that we can’t take chances, cut corners or rush to hire when striving to find the best! When the match is right, it’s amazing to witness how powerful the bond between client and caregiver can be. A caregiver with the right skills and personality positively impacts an aging senior’s quality of life.

When I interview a caregiver who truly has the “caring gene” deep in the soul, their warmth radiates. When I ask them to tell me about the seniors they have cared for in the past, I can see in their eyes if they have what it takes to work for HCA.



Heather McCabe – Caregiver Communications Manager

With a background in social work supporting individuals with developmental disabilities, Heather has worn many hats at Home Care Assistance (HCA). From staffing and scheduling to recruiting and hiring highly qualified caregivers, Heather knows the importance of the caregiver/client relationship. Today, she is our Caregiver Communications Manager and focuses on keeping our caregivers informed and engaged in our company.

Heather is passionate about helping others feel a part of something bigger than themselves and has been instrumental in creating our “caregiver culture” of pride, belonging and appreciation. Through caregiver communications, including notes of gratitude and recognition, caregiver appreciation luncheons and fun contests, Heather’s actions encourage teamwork, cohesiveness and camaraderie among the HCA team.



Alysha Sowell – Hiring & Staffing Specialist

Alysha brings a broad range of experience and a positive, can-do attitude to Home Care Assistance (HCA). In her role at HCA, Alysha supports all the different aspects of Employee Care. She has a zest for knowledge and brings this excitement to everything she does. Whether she’s interviewing a candidate or working on the perfect match between Client and Caregiver, Alysha loves to learn!

Over the years, her passion has led her to pursue and master being a private chef, the secretary for an Air Force Commander and most recently the teacher to a room full of energetic 3rd graders. The culmination of Alysha’s diverse experiences gives her wisdom beyond her years and the canny ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Alysha truly embodies her favorite Dr. Seuss quote, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”