Balanced Care Method™

The Balanced Care Method™

Because Healthspan Is As Important As Lifespan.

The Balanced Care Method ™ is based on the scientifically studied lifestyle choices of the longest — and healthiest — living population on Earth: the seniors in Okinawa, Japan. With Caregivers trained in the Balanced Care Method ™, Home Care Assistance is the only senior care solution with an emphasis on healthy longevity and happiness with smart lifestyle choices.


The Balanced Care Method ™ Promotes Smart Lifestyle Choices.

Diet: The Balanced Care Method ™ encourages the healthiest possible diet while taking into account individual dietary preferences.

Physical and Mental Activity: The more active people are, the more active and healthier they are, the more likely to be in the future.

Purpose & Calm: Maintaining social ties, being around other people, pursuing favorite hobbies or finding new interests are part of a meaningful life. Our care-givers are ready to provide companionship, transportation and peace of mind to help seniors live to their maximum potential at any age.

Home Care Assistance Cares For The Whole Person.

We understand the important connections between diet, exercise, mental challenge and social ties in reducing stress and creating an enjoyable life—at home and independent—for seniors. We train our Caregivers in the Balanced Care Method ™ to promote total health and independence for seniors, extending and enhancing their lives every step of the way.

Watch the CNN video below to learn more about the centenarians in Okinawa who inspired this movement.