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Exercise Encouragement for Family Caregivers

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Exercise routines are often the first thing to go when a family caregiver begins to care for a loved one. Yet, neglecting your fitness goals can not only damage your health, but it can also affect the quality of care that you provide for your loved one. Daily exercise will strengthen your immune system while leaving you energized to meet all of your family responsibilities. For a boost of encouragement, check out these fun ways to stay motivated from Milwaukee Home Care Assistance:

  • Fidget for Fitness – Some days, it can be exhausting just thinking about doing a full workout. When a lack of motivation hits, try fitting in some mini-workouts as you go about your daily routine. As a general rule, anything that involves movement will burn more calories than sitting down. Try standing up as you fold laundry, or march in place as you wait in line at the grocery store. Often, these small movements will rev up your energy for a longer workout later in the day.
  • Socialize While You Exercise – If you have noticed that both your exercise needs and social life have been neglected, then consider joining a sports team or workout club that will help you connect with others while staying fit. In most communities, you can find exercise classes or adult sporting leagues that are designed for people at every fitness level. If group sports are not your style, then even a short walk in the evening with a loved one can help you to work in some quality conversation that will have you looking forward to your workout.
  • Reward Your Accomplishments – It can be too easy to focus on the things you did not do in a day and fall into the trap of negative thinking. Instead, create a set of simple, accomplishable goals such as working out for a specific amount of minutes each week. Then, select a healthy reward that you can work toward such as a new pair of running shoes or a favorite beauty treatment. As you meet your goals, make sure you stick to your plan so that it will reinforce the positive benefits of making fitness a priority.

If you need help caring for a loved one so you can take time to focus on yourself, whether to exercise, run errands or to simply take a break, reach out to the Milwaukee elder care specialists at Home Care Assistance. Our highly trained and compassionate caregivers provide quality respite care so that seniors receive the personalized care they need while family caregivers take a break from their care responsibilities. For more information, call 414-964-8000 and speak with a friendly Care Manager.