5 Most Crucial Qualities in a Primary Care Physician for Seniors

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Seniors may see several different doctors over the course of a year, but their primary care physician will be the one who sees them for checkups and coordinates care plans with other doctors. Since seniors require frequent doctor visits, selecting the right primary care physician is absolutely crucial to their wellbeing. The ideal primary care physician for seniors needs to have the following five qualities.

1. Empathy

Many seniors try to avoid doctor’s visits because they feel stressed and upset. To make doctor visits go more smoothly, seniors should avoid doctors who tend to seem condescending or uncaring. Seniors will likely do best with a doctor who can understand their concerns and take steps to make them feel cared for and understood. If their doctors have empathy, seniors are less likely to feel judged and leave out important details.

2. Strong Organizational Skills

Seniors frequently have more than one doctor because they visit specialists or get screenings at different facilities every now and then. If important paperwork or doctor’s notes get lost between different offices, a senior’s care could be greatly impacted. To properly coordinate all of these different doctor visits, a primary care physician needs to be able to efficiently transfer records and receive details about treatments the senior has.

3. Patience

Even seniors who don’t have dementia tend to move and think at a slower rate sometimes. Doctors who try to rush a senior through a visit may miss important things or not provide enough information. A patient doctor is often a better choice because he or she will take the time to listen to a senior or explain health conditions and potential treatments.

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4. Reliability

When it comes to healthcare, reliability and stability make a huge difference. Seniors need a doctor who will always be available to help them instead of regularly canceling appointments or passing them over to another doctor at the facility. Doctors also need to be reliable in their treatments, taking the time to see if one thing will work instead of switching between various medicines and procedures constantly.

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5. Knowledge About Seniors

A doctor with experience in senior health may be able to promptly notice issues or more easily provide a diagnosis. Any doctor for older adults needs to be experienced and educated in senior health. Keep in mind the oldest doctor will not necessarily be the most knowledgeable. Seniors need someone who tries to keep up to date on the latest treatments.

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